In their first book, A’s for Everyone: Acing the College Experience, Pepperdine University adjunct professor and entertainment trial attorney Jon Pfeiffer and recent Pepperdine graduate Amanda Salz provide the tips and tricks that students won’t get from their high school guidance counselors. By following the simple checklist system, incoming students will stay organized, avoid potential pitfalls and embark on the path to becoming star college students.

For incoming freshmen, preparing for college can result in a flux of intense emotions—from excitement, to nervousness, to insecurity about whether or not they’re actually ready. These feelings are normal and, for most, inevitable. However, there are ways to calm any lingering anxieties or fears, the first of which is preparation. But how does one prepare?

In A’s for Everyone, Pfeiffer and Salz walk incoming students through their four years of college, starting even before they step foot on campus for their first day of orientation, effectively preparing students to hit the ground running. They cover all aspects of the college experience—academic, social, professional, and extracurricular—with the aim of providing a full view of what to expect and guidance on how to react. Drawing from their own experiences, including personal anecdotes from perspectives of both professor and student, as well as independent studies, Pfeiffer and Salz give a comprehensive view of how to ace the college experience.